Saturday, July 2, 2011

Early Mornings.

Okay so the blogging has not gone so well lately. Pictures have been really hard to upload this month for some reason. They would take forever and sometimes not load and over all got me crazy frustrated so I gave up for a while. Lets see if this post is going to bring it all back home!

Mornings this summer are this. Me getting up fairly early, kids still sleeping, hubby already gone to work. I am loving this quiet time I am getting. These are the pics of my back yard where I am spending my mornings reading, drinking tea and loving it! This bit of me time is so fantastic. I putter around too. Watering, checking out my garden, just loving the sunshine. I am sure the other neighbours look over and laugh. I am out in my housecoat with a big giant sun hat and a cup of tea.

So everyone enjoy your mornings and I will try and be more blogging available! Ha ha.