Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sunday brunch

So we wound up the weekend with Hubby away with breakfast out. Had great crepe's and eggs benedict. Ladybug and Cafe is such a great place to have breakie. The vibe is so french. I imagine it is what Paris is like for breakfast. I have never been but my imagination is rampant.

I have been really contentious about trying to eat right and get the old bod back before we head to Cabo for spring break and I am back in some pants that haven't been in for a few months. Felt great. These are the pants. They are some of the gap trousers and i do love them. I think they are perfect for this weather and I love how they showcase the SHOES!!!! This great denim is shirt is Joe Fresh, and it comes with a belt but I feel it makes me look huge. So wearing it loose like this feels much better.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Girls night out!

Had a great night out Saturday with some girls who I haven't seen all together in like 10 years!! We all used to work together waitressing and we got together at the pub by my house to catch up and laugh.

I wore my new again fave R and R jeans and a new top from Anthropology that I just love. Got a lot of compliments and felt pretty! And these amazing best deal ever new shoes.

Hubby is away and the kids and I decided to go to the mall. I actually stopped in the Bay to use the ladies room, which is by the shoe department, amazingly smart layout! When I came out I noticed this great rack of clearance shoes. And everything was 50% off the last price. I cam across these beauty Rachel Rachel Roy shoes and noticed the price said $49.99! Original price was $175! So I took them up to the till after trying them on and thought for sure they would tell me they were priced wrong. They weren't! I got them for $26!!!!! Score!! The great bonus is that they are amazingly comfy even with my terrible foot, they were fantastic.

So my husbands children ( I call them that because this weekend I am not so impressed with them) were crazy all weekend. And I just found out that Jaker's has Monday off school, this is after him being home all week with strep throat. Calgon take me away.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yesterday, keeping warm.

This is my attempt at taking my own pics. Sorry for the glare. And the unmade bed. Whoops. I am wearing the R& R jeans again that I had made to skinny jeans. They really are great! The shirt is a puff shoulder one that I sort of forgot that I had, from Tristan. See, another outfit with mostly black. I threw on the multi colored scarf for some brightness. Noticing in these pics that I need to do some more to my bedroom. A little more personality I think. Time to scour the blogs for ideas.


Please hurry Spring.

This is what I am looking at and what I am wearing. Boooo

This is what I want to be wearing. Hurry up Spring.