Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sunday brunch

So we wound up the weekend with Hubby away with breakfast out. Had great crepe's and eggs benedict. Ladybug and Cafe is such a great place to have breakie. The vibe is so french. I imagine it is what Paris is like for breakfast. I have never been but my imagination is rampant.

I have been really contentious about trying to eat right and get the old bod back before we head to Cabo for spring break and I am back in some pants that haven't been in for a few months. Felt great. These are the pants. They are some of the gap trousers and i do love them. I think they are perfect for this weather and I love how they showcase the SHOES!!!! This great denim is shirt is Joe Fresh, and it comes with a belt but I feel it makes me look huge. So wearing it loose like this feels much better.


  1. Oh my that looks delicious! And I love the outfit, too cute :)


  2. OMG The presentation on those plates!
    I wish we had that place nearby!
    Thanks for following me, now I will do the
    same with you!