Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally I have figured it out!!!

Forever, forever, forever. That is how long it has been since I blogged. Here is yesterdays outfit. It is me sans make up because I had been for a microdermabrasion facial and there was no way I was putting anything on my pristine skin! My sweet friend D took the picture that had to be outside so I could hide under my sunglasses.

So, since I last saw you all I have had a birthday. 37, ouch! But with all birthdays come reflection, time for adjustment and PARTIES!! I had a great dinner with friends at another friend's house in the hood. Great to have sucked back a few Grey Gooses and walked home. Okay, I ran because it was freezing out! But then I crawled into my warm bed and as I turned out the lights I looked at my dear hubby and said "Yep, another year. But so far, they just keep getting better." Who knew the older I got the better I would like it all.

And now that I have figured out how to load pics on the imac I am going to be on this blog thing like white on rice! In fact I am getting the little man to take a pic any minute for tomorrows blog. Yahoo!


  1. Hehe, enjoying the snow? Happy belated bday. :D

  2. Snow...boooooo. Thanks! I had a great Bday!