Sunday, January 23, 2011


So after a nice quiet weekend due to no hockey, I am ready to send my kids away!!! Because there was not much going on, tonight they are driving me around the bend.

Saturday night was dinner at a friends with the kids and a couple other families. It was a great time. I wanted to wear something comfy and casual but add some color pop. And now that there are no rules left in fashion I paired an orange necklace with red shoes. Crazy, I know. I really live outside the box!

My pictures have some work to be done, but my 12 year old has become my official photographer. Quite a few pics had to be deleted due to his finger in the shot. And this one, the dog snuck in.

This week brings crazyness in my driving. With exams with one kid at one school, which means short days, and the other one working on a project, it shall be me and my truck all day long. Ahhh well this is what I signed up for and I am good with it, but I do like to have a small moment of whining. Cheers!

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