Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years, New Me

So as we start a new year we load ourselves down with resolutions that seem to work the first couple weeks and then slowly(or sometimes overnight) go by the wayside.This year I am not making crazy ones about how many times I will get to the gym and how I am cutting out all refined foods. (I say crazy because they never seem to work when I try and get vigilant). This year I am going to slowly incorporate new and better ways to do things. Maybe, try to appreciate the sunshine a little more, open the window a time or two more often, and try to incorporate health into our lives a little more.
I am realizing I have to expect a little less from my kids. Now that they are the age they are I feel they can do most things themselves. Wrong. Take Jenna. For those of you that don't know my girl Jenna, she is a sugar addict. ADDICT! She is the first one to find any candy or junk in the house and consume it ridiculously fast! If given the chance she would sneak an entire sugar bowl if she could. I have gotten into this easy processed food trap that I said I never would. I just tell her to grab a snack when she is hungry and her first choice is the pantry. Never the fridge where the "real" food is. When the babies were babies I only feed them natural foods that I had made and snacks came in the form of dried fruits and healthy treats from the health food store. I need to go back! Jenna needs fruit and veggies as a snack, or healthy options that I have gotten ready for her. I need to be more vigilant with her. We have been trying to detox her from all the white flour and sugar she consumed on Christmas vacation. She did not choose healthy options at the resort and we didn't want to make big scenes in every restaurant. So now we are home and trying to be on the straight and narrow.
Lets see how this one works for a new little bit of healthy. That is what I am going to try and do for the new year. I will be the one chained to the kitchen making healthy snacks for all!


  1. That is so hard. Alex is the same way and he's so utterly strong-willed that it easily turns into a war. I think once what we have is gone, it's going to stay gone. Good luck!

  2. My son is a bad one for sugar and starch too. He'd never grab an apple but if I cut one up and add some cinnamon it's gone in seconds. I figure I shouldn't have to do that for a 15 year old but I want to see him eat well and he won't make the healthy choice on his own. I did move the blender out onto the counter and stocked the freezer with fruit so it's handy for quick smoothies and he will make those at least. Thank God or he'd probably get scurvy. I really hope you share some healthy snacks on your blog if you come up with some good ones because I could use some ideas!

  3. Hi Carrie, Welcome to the world of blogging! I hope you have as much fun with this as I have. Thanks for your kind comment on my lazy susan.